John B, Founder & President

John B. is an entrepreneur who has built a successful and a growing business. As one of four children, he grew up with an understanding of what it took to make ends meet and provide for his family. John vowed to create a thriving career on his own terms. He transitioned from a Coast Guard Veteran to a businessman. He went from owning his own equipment rental business in Norfolk, NE, to own three successful Roto-Rooter franchise in Lincoln, NE and finally to All American Jetting & Drain Services in Manassas, VA. Starting as a one-man operation with one jetter in 1999, John has built the business to encompass 6 jetters, 10 employees and a sister business that branched out of AAJDS, All American Plumbers.

John has two children, Hilary, a fitness entrepreneur following in his footsteps, and Darren, an investment banker. He has four grandsons. John loves butter, guns and competing in hunting competitions with his three English setters, Belle, Sky and Sioux.

“A unique aspect of AAJDS are the principles by which John runs the company: Integrity, Thoughtfulness, Benevolence. These qualities shine through him every day, whether he is interacting with clients or his employees.” -Stuti K, Marketing & Communications

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