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Should I be worried about Orangeburg? What exactly is that?

Orangeburg is a type of piping commonly installed in homes between 1945 and 1965. If your home was built between those dates and located in Northern VA, your home likely uses Orangeburg.

Orangeburg was installed as a low-cost alternative to metal sewer lines, but was not designed for durability. Because it frequently fails, Orangeburg should be removed entirely instead of simply repaired. Most installations take place from the curb near the street up to at least 5' from the front foundation of the house.

Common signs of failed Orangeburg piping include:

  1. Recurrent, frequent clogging of the main sanitary sewer line
  2. Turf indentations in the lawn that match the location of the sanitary sewer
  3. Your neighbors undergoing excavation work in their lawns. If your neighbor has Orangeburg, you probably do, as well.

The most reliable way to discern whether or not your home uses Orangeburg pipe is to conduct a sewer video inspection of your sanitary sewer. This inspection confirms the presence of Orangeburg pipe, its location, and the condition of the piping.

All American Rooter utilizes Trenchless Pipe Bursting that allows us to completely replace any sewer line with minimal excavation, thus eliminating costly and time-consuming landscape repair afterward.

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